Safety Tips

safety standards

1. Verify the contact details of the seller before making any physical transaction.

2. Try to find a seller who is located near you , so that you can physically inspect the machinery or equipment to be sure . Also fix meetings at places that are safe and have people around.

3. Use payment methods that are safe to use and also make payments only after you are convinced by the seller and have knowledge regarding the equipment or machinery that you ought to purchase.

4. Never share your financial details with anyone , My machine guru will not be responsible in such a case.

5. It’s always better to pay the whole amount at the time when delivery is done by the seller, we don’t assure you with the authenticity of the seller.

6. It is advisable to not take cheques in exchange for your machineries , as these mode of payments can be cancelled.We suggest you to take cash payment if the amount is not so big or accept bank transfers.

7. Verify the buyer credentials if there is a request for a bulk order. Ask for the buyers Id proof and see to it that your machineries go in the right hands.

8. Seller should not misinterpret or over exaggerate the features of their product . True representation of the product should be provide by the seller through ads.

9. COD: It’s best to only work in cash and to pay for the item on collection or on meeting the seller. It means you stay well clear of EFTs or any other form of transfer, which can be easily forged, if the amount is too huge for cash transactions make sure to verify the seller by your bank and see to it if they can make the transaction possible or not.

10. Terms should be made clear beforehand so that there is no chaos later . Yes the terms can be altered with both seller and buyer all together.

11. Users are requested not to share any sensitive of irrelevant information on the site .


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