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How We Work


Hey, this is Harshit. I had a machine to be sold from last 6 months for which I was searching for a buyer. Every time I used to get someone to get connected to the buyers, they would ask for loads of commission . while searching for solutions, I found this site My Machine Guru that provided a free platform to post advertisements, without charging any commissions and with just a three-step process.
  1. SIGN UP - To start my experience with my machine guru, I had to sign up at their website, by providing my credentials including - Name, mobile number, address, pin code and email id to authenticate my identity.
  2. UPLOAD DATA - Once I was done with the sign-up process the next thing in front of my eyes was the user-friendly interface and easy to handle the website. Then I started to post an advertisement by providing basic information about the equipment such as date of purchase, brand name, model number, photographs etc.
  3. QUOTE DETAILS AND PRICE - The last step was to provide the specifics of my product such as the condition of the Machinery whether it is fully functional, breakdown condition or if the machine is ever repaired or not and to quote a genuine price for my Machinery, in no time my ad was processed and published by My Machine Guru.


My name is Karan and I am a proud customer of My Machine Guru. A month ago I was in a need for a construction machine and was searching for it all over the internet, then one day I got to know about an online site that helps people to buy /rent construction machines and equipment just in three simple steps.
  1. SIGN UP - My first and foremost step was to register myself at My Machine Guru with my credentials including - Name, phone number, email address, address, pin code etc.
  2. SEARCH FOR SUITABLE EQUIPMENT - I must say, the site is customized to give it's user an easy and hassle-free experience. I was easily able to find an equipment related to my requirement, the filters available on the website helped me to navigate the accurate machine.
  3. CONTACT THE SELLER - Once I was done with finalizing the equipment that I wanted, I could easily access Sellers contact details to continue the offline conversation. According to me, this website has the ability to make a difference as it can make your life easy and hassle-free.

Customer service

Customer-driven, support the best interests of our client's and develop best possible ways for them to succeed in their respective jobs.

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My Machine Guru provides a safe, economical and commission-free platform for sellers to sell or to have optimum utilization of their types of machinery.

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We are here to fulfill all your needs under one roof by providing best machinery and solutions in the industry at minimal cost.